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How to Avoid Frustration at Work?

Although freelancers are usually perceived by full-time employees as those happy individuals who work 3 hours a day sipping drinks on a beach (check out stereotypes about translators), we are as prone to get frustrated as any other worker. I would even argue that the frustration risk is much higher in our case, since many of us perform several functions in our businesses. We do our job (be it translation, taking and editing pictures, copywriting, etc.), perform marketing tasks, keep the books, clean the office, make tea/coffee, receive calls, etc. And while doing all these things, we struggle to meet the deadlines. Well then, check out my 5 tips on how not to get frustrated (at least that often):

Why Quality in Translation Is So Important?

By Gabriela Janiszewska

At one point of running a business, you start considering whether it would be beneficial for you to enter foreign markets with you products and services. To do that you will ultimately have to translate your company content, such as a company website, brochures, folders, data sheets, manuals, etc. into a foreign language. As it is time-consuming and very often impossible to do on your own, you decide to contact a translator or translation agency to outsource translations, but as you are a first-timer, you don’t really know what to expect from them.

Expect quality!

It may sound pretty obvious, as quality is something that every consumer expects from the product or service. However, quality translations may really boost your business and prevent you from running into serious legal problems.

  • For instance, a high-quality translation of a device manual will help users use it in an intended and safe way. If it contains mistakes, such as changed voltage values or incomprehensible instructions of use, using a particular device might be dangerous to the customer and cause some serious injuries or even death. As a manufacturer of the device, you might be held responsible for it.
  •  You certainly want your product or service to be credible. No one would buy your product, even if it outstanding, if its description is so badly translated that a customer doesn’t really know what it is for.
  •  Before placing some products and services on a foreign market, it is worth checking whether their names or descriptions are not offensive for the target audience. For example, Mitsubishi had to change the name of its car called Pajero for Spanish-speaking markets due to the fact that pajero in Spanish means wanker. Such translation service is very often described as localization and you can expect that a professional translator will take into account such considerations when producing a high-quality translation of your content.
  •  There is nothing worse for the seller than marketing content that is rather hilarious than appealing after translation. A potential customer may think: „Well, they have been cutting costs when translating the description of this product, so how can I be sure that this product will not be a cheap crap altogether?” If you were in a restaurant, would you order a Grilled Salmon with Green Fuck? Fuck is a common Polish mistranslation of pepper, as a Polish imperative verb form pieprz (fuck) looks exactly the same as a noun pieprz (pepper). Well, it is certainly funny to see such translations in a menu, but what impact does it have on the brand of the restaurant? Would you expect the dish to be really tasty and be ready to pay more for it?

As a translator and consumer, I honestly recommend focusing on high quality when ordering translations for your company. Although it may take a little more time to find someone trustworthy and appropriately skilled to translate your company documents and it may cost you a bit more to pay for such services, it really pays off by driving to you more clients, building your brand and boosting your sales.

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How to work from home faster?

Time is money

When I tell somebody that I am a freelance translator working at home, they usually react by saying something like this: „Wow! You must be a really strong-willed person! If I were you I would never be able to get down to work at home”. Well, certainly I am (oh how modest of me to admit it ;)), but I suppose this is one another must-have trait for any freelancer (not only translators/interpreters). However, sometimes even the most motivated person in the world is tired/bored/distracted/nervous, which is reflected in lower efficiency and speed of work. Taking into account deadlines, the good old saying that „time is money” (which is particularly true in translation business) and shrinking time for private life, it is certainly a negative phenomenon. But how to avoid it and always work fast and efficient? Let me describe some software tools which might help you achieve that.