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My name is Gabriela Janiszewska (my maiden name is Galińska) and translation is my hobby which everyday lets me learn new things about the world. My basic principle at work is diligence – I always take great care to ensure that my translations are accurate and meet clients’ expectations. In today’s globalized world the speed and precision of communication play a huge role, therefore I do my best to deliver translation on time and maintain terminological consistency. This means not only the consistent use of terminology within a given text, but also using glossaries, previously translated documents and translation memories provided by the client. Since February 1, 2012 I prove my skills by running my own business.


  • MA studies at the Institute of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw (specializing in translation, English and German), graduated with honours. I have defended a MA thesis entitled “Translation of Polish Public Administration Terms from the Perspective of the Skopos Theory” under the supervision of dr. Anna Jopek-Bosiacka, a specialist in legal translation.
  • Interfacultative postgraduate studies “Law, Economics, Management in Economic Activity” organized jointly by the Faculty of Economic Sciences, Faculty of Law and Administration and Faculty of Management of the University of Warsaw. Graduated with a first class degree.
  • BA studies at the Institute of Applied Linguistics at the Institute University of Warsaw, from which I have graduated with a first class degree after defending a BA thesis entitled “Translating Wordplay in Television Comedy: Sex and the City” written under the supervision of dr. Agnieszka Szarkowska, specialist in audio description.


  • Civil law contracts in English and Polish – terminology and translation workshop (organized by Stowarzyszenie Tłumaczy Polskich, 8 hours).
  • Clinical Trials and Medical Documentation: Resources and Translation Strategies for New Translators (organized by, 1.5 hours).


  • I cooperate with such translation agencies as MAart, GET IT, SDL Poland, Skrivanek, KMC Global, Apart from that, I translate documents for public institutions (e.g. Milanowskie Centrum Kultury) and companies.
  • I translate texts from the field of medicine, EU, general business and localize games and software.
  • In the field of medical translations, I have so far translated for instance Informed Consent Forms (ICF), amendments to the Summaries of Product Characteristics (SmPC), training materials for paramedics, user manuals for such medical devices as ventilators, blood analysers, diagnostic tests, electronic portal imaging devices, proton therapy planning systems, diagnostic image viewers, as well as presentations concerning medical devices (dressings, scalpel blades, surgical drape sheets, etc.), articles for professional magazines and websites concerning MRI solutions and patient monitoring (monitors, pulse oximeters, telemetric systems, HIS networks). In total, I have translated around 186,000 words.
  • I have both reviewed (ca. 4000 pages) and translated (ca. 160 pages 1500 characters with spaces each) European Union documents. Among them there have been notices to members of the European Parliament, websites (e.g. European Commission), drafts of legal acts, amendments to legal acts, opinions of the European Economic and Social Committee etc.
  • I have participated in a localization of one of the most popular MMORPG games in the world – Aion: The Tower of Eternity. During this project I have translated names of different items, NPCs, creatures, skills, dialogue lists and game interface and… I have enjoyed playing the game (of course only in order to better understand the game universe ;-). In total, during this project I have translated around 201,000 words. Apart from that, I have translated PC monitoring software into English and other types of software.
  • I have also translated several technical texts such as user manuals for devices used to locate cable faults, description of the chocolate cooling line and various general business text, for example presentations concering financial results of a company, company newsletters, statements on no tax arrears.


Translation Samples

Due to the confidentiality agreements binding me, I can only present here two translations of subtitles done by me on a voluntary basis:

(translation: Gabriela Galińska, review: Kinga Skorupska)

(translation: Gabriela Galińska, review: Monika Sulima).

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