MemoQ 2014 briefing and website updates

Sorry for not writing for so long. I have been really busy with several translation projects (I have been doing some medical translations and a pretty big telecommunications project and many many smaller things), decorating our new home and another big project that I will probably describe to you quite soon so stay tuned ;).

I have just finished a briefing on new memoQ release. As a translation blogger, I have been asked to check out the new version of this software and share with you my opinions on new features. From what I have learnt during the meeting, the memoQ team has introduced 71 new features and some of them sound really interesting. I am particularly keen to test project templates, image localization and grammar checker function. According to the briefing document that I have received, the project templates might be helpful in creating projects that are similar to each other. I think that I might use this function to create medical projects for separate clients and automatically assign to them my medical TMs and TBs.

In turn, the image localization feature should make it easier to localize embedded image files. However, if the text is an integral part of the picture you will need a graphic designer or appropriate software to localize it properly, so I will need to see whether it will be of any help to me as an independent translator. If not, I will have to continue using the old proven technique of putting white textboxes on the top of the source text.

From this release on, memoQ will also be able to use MS Word grammar checker. That would be a huge time-saver, taking into account that I would be able to skip the final spell checking in MS Word. I am really interested to see whether memoQ will notice my grammar mistakes 😉 memoQ 2014 will be released in 12 days and I will try to write my review as soon as possible.

I have also updated the sidebar of my website a bit. I decided to get rid of the calendar because I don’t have time to update it. I will just post information on holidays, sick leaves, etc. here or send an e-mail to all interested parties 😉 Instead, I have added a TermCoord widget. You can use it to easily access IATE database and DocHound which is particularly useful when you need to access several European Union documents (Treaties, style guides, financial regulations) at once. However, EU is as always a bit slow to react, because the Terminology Coordination department haven’t created a typical WordPress widget that can be found in the Plugins section of WordPress and easily integrated into a blog, but offers a HTML code to insert on the website. Please…

I have made a firm resolution to write posts and update the website more often. Well, it turns out that having a frequently updated and attractive website really pays. I have acquired many new clients that have found my website and used my price quote form to contact me. So keep your fingers crossed for me to stick to it!

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